Why Farleigh Performance

No methodologies – just careful listening and a few lifetimes of useful expertise

Maybe ’no methodologies’ is going too far – but building relationship and co-creating are fundamental foundations in our work. Every client’s context has its own peculiarities, connections, and relationships, so we work to find the ‘difference that make a difference’.

This conversational approach creates new understanding and changes the conditions from which high-performance can emerge. We have no simple recipe for our work. We bring experience and a theory or two, but these are just props to make sense of the complexity, not the main story.

We create that story with you.

The Farleigh Performance Team

Real world experience and a
love of people

We have a blend of backgrounds, educations, and experience. We have worked in organisations large and small; public and private; UK-focused and global. We are former engineers, psychologists, marketeers, musicians, florists and so much more. We all love people and believe that organisations can be places where everyone can bring their best and find joy, meaning and purpose. When this happens, business becomes a driving force for good in the world – making purposeful performance commonplace.

The Outcomes of our Work

Sustainable performance driven by purpose, accountability and amazing relationships

We all get stuck, often in the habits that have served us best. We disrupt thinking and acting using provocation from unfamiliar contexts, including high-performance sport through our relationship with Bath Rugby. 

Our work can look like Purpose Consulting or Team Building, Performance Coaching or Leadership Development, or something you can’t find a label for. We do interviews, workshops, coaching sessions, facilitated meetings, employee surveys, and much more. All of these share one or more critical outcomes:

  • Connecting people to what matters

    Purpose brings meaning and engagement with our work

  • Increasing everyone’s ability to act

    Participation and involvement unlock accountability and performance

  • Building stronger relationships

    Trust and open dialogue allow everything to happen faster and better

  • Disrupting ’stuck’ thinking and unhelpful habits

    Learning and adaptation keeps us moving and growing

Our Approach

It is never just that and nothing more

We have already claimed a lack of methodology, along with the great interconnectedness of everything – so how do we do what we do? Sir Clive Woodward, World Cup winning England Rugby Head Coach, summarised his approach as 3D-thinking – Discover, Distil, Do. We find this a useful cycle.

3D-thinking reminds us to stay longer in discovery – broadening data and information – to distil the essence by creating insight, and then to act quickly and early – to do. We often set up our consulting assignments in this way, design workshops and organise our coaching. We see the same pattern being adopted by our clients as they move through the complexity of their situation to find the profoundly simple insight that enables effective action.

Yet, of course, it is never just that and nothing more.


Organisations we‘ve work alongside

Working with Farleigh is often more than a one-time thing, although it can be. The kind of work we do requires practice, experimentation, self-evaluation, deep thinking and more – because we’re aiming for sustainable and long-term change. Sometimes this means a stand-alone programme, and sometimes we are a performance partner longer-term, whenever you need us.

[Following the workshops] people said to me, it was the best workshop I’ve ever been to. So I’ve heard some really great stories – because it’s the first time people were truly being engaged. 

They’re engaged, because they’re being told, ‘we’re not making the decision, you are’. And so there’s a real empowerment that happens across the organisation.