What Farleigh Performance does

In our complex world, everything is connected

Sustained performance doesn’t come from one thing – strategy, process, purpose or even culture.

It is never just that and nothing more.

It gave them a really different idea of leadership – to bring people with them rather than a top-down approach…It gave them a confidence with their teams…Many said they had developed knowledge and skills that they will take into their future careers.

– Ruth Burchell, the Dyson Institute

Long-term purposeful performance

Step into the challenges of today and build the capabilities for tomorrow

We begin our work where you need it the most and we follow the learning everywhere to build a flexible, high-performance system.

This starts with us building a relationship, noticing new things, and finding quick wins, before co-creating an approach that:

  • Connects people to what matters
  • Builds stronger relationships
  • Disrupts ’stuck’ thinking and unhelpful habits
  • Increases everyone’s ability to act​
Our work ends in high-performance, yet can start almost anywhere – most typically: