Where to catch Fp out and about


All of the team at Fp thoroughly enjoy any and every opportunity to be in conversation about the things that we believe in, the things we are passionate about and, most importantly, the things where we feel we can experience mutual learning.

Its for these reasons that we are occasionally invited to give talks, host open or mutli-organsation workshops, sit on panels or attend round tables.

In June and July there are a number of events that you would be very welcome to join us at.

  • Collaborating for Commercial Advantage
    EntreConf | All day event, panel 4.30pm | 22nd July | Bristol Watershed

    Sammy will sit along side Dave Kelly (Storm Consultancy), Chris May (Mayden) and Chris Thompson (Meshii WiFi) in order to discuss how collaboration can result in commercial advantage.

    This is part of a full day event of workshops, speakers and networking for business leaders in the South West.
  • How can I be the leader I want to be?
    Business @ Breakfast | 8am – 10am | 6th July | Bath School of Management, Uni of Bath

    Following a sell out talk at The Glove Factory on the same topic, Sammy will invite a group of leaders (all shapes and sizes) into conversations that challenge the traditional ideas of leadership, and encourage them to consider the leaders they want to be.

    “It may sound obvious but you don’t need to be a CEO to be a leader. We are all leaders at times. How we choose to be in any given moment will influence others, we will lead, or we will fail to.”

    Join this gathering – https://app.geckoform.com/public/#/modern/21FO00klrfy03b00aagys0hnb5
  • Teaming Vs Team building – How might we each better team?
    Bath Digital Festival | 10am – 12noon | 12th July |The Rec, Bath

    Let’s stop “building teams” and instead support individuals to better “team”.

    Whether we name the team or not, most of us are moving in and out if teams constantly. Be that the finance team or a project team, a family team or a friendship team. Teams form in the moment should an accident happens, and the dynamics of an existing team can shift in a heartbeat as context changes.

    And yet we often look to job titles, roles and hierarchy to inform how we are in a team and what is expected of us.

    Graham and Sammy will invite us into a conversation around the quality of teaming. They ask us to consider how supporting individuals to be better at moving in and out of teams may benefit them personally, their ever changing team mates and the performance of the teams they are in.

    Join them at The Rec, home of a pretty popular local team (Bath Rugby) and consider teaming as you look out over a pitch on which a constantly forming and reforming team performs in front of 14,000 people!

    Come alone, or as a team!