Given our partnership with Bath Rugby, we know that teamwork is the essence of sporting performance. The same is true in every organisation whether a business, a charity, or a government department. Our team is where we find belonging, we get support, and we bring diversity of perspective to progress and learn. Great teams have purpose, they trust in themselves and one another, and they use their quality of dialogue to navigate whatever comes their way.

Aston Manor Cider have faced unprecedented times. Our work with all their departmental teams, and their Executive Group, has built a strength of relationship within and across these teams, enabling them to tackle today’s turbulent market for suppliers and customers alike, while simultaneously diversifying their product range.

We help by:

  • Developing effective Executive Teams​
  • Increasing accountability, empowerment, and connection across senior and middle management
  • Improving the relationships between teams (including with the Board)
  • Building a culture of collaboration

There have been some profound realisations within the business. The biggest impact is us regaining control of ourselves and how we work, without constantly pinning things on external factors.


“[Following the workshops] people said to me, it was the best workshop I’ve ever been to. So I’ve heard some really great stories – because it’s the first time people were truly being engaged. 

They’re engaged, because they’re being told, ‘we’re not making the decision, you are’. And so there’s a real empowerment that happens across the organisation.” 

– Anton Zawada, Group HR Director. Devro