In turbulent times a ‘North Star’ is essential to navigation. Developing a meaningful organisational purpose does more than provide direction, it redefines relationships with every stakeholder – customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. Purpose releases an energy that accelerates performance and just about everything else too!

Global food ingredients manufacturer, Devro, have seen their new purpose shift their relationships with both people and product. Greater empowerment is accelerating change, while the business explores new markets with new products. We gave all 2,000 employees a voice in determining their purpose through surveys, on-line and in-person workshops. The result was a direction owned by everyone.

Working with Johnson Matthey, we brought to life their Purpose in their largest Catalytic Convertor factory in North Macedonia. We used personal purpose as an inspiration and Open Space Technology to run large scale workshops that has shaped their community agenda and much more besides.

We help by:

  • Unearthing a new Purpose
  • Bringing existing Purpose to life
  • Connecting Purpose to Strategy, Sustainability and Community – setting a new direction
  • Using Purpose to develop high-performing teams

The Leadership skills course has been invaluable in reshaping my understanding of effective and progressive leadership.

– Anoushka Patel, Undergraduate Engineer, the Dyson Institute

“[Following the workshops] people said to me, it was the best workshop I’ve ever been to. So I’ve heard some really great stories – because it’s the first time people were truly being engaged.

– Anton Zawada, Group HR Director. Devro