Leadership is no longer a quality reserved for those ‘at the top’, it is an essential ingredient throughout organisations. Simple models of leadership no longer fit this diversity of context, and yet all great leaders create an environment rich in learning and growth. Leadership is now a mindset, not just a skillset – both are critical to success.

When working with The Dyson Institute, we were presented with the challenge of introducing their undergraduate student representatives to leadership roles. We worked closely to create a programme to maximise engagement and shift mindset and behaviour, knowing that we have a precious opportunity to consciously shape their approach to leadership at the very start of their career.

In contrast, with Ibstock we are working with their 40 most senior executives as they establish a newly de-merged Plc. Here the focus is on enterprise leadership as they explore what it takes to develop the capabilities to be both more focused and more joined-up.

We help by:

  • Running leadership development programmes​
  • Designing and facilitating large-scale events and conferences
  • Coaching individual leaders
  • Developing leadership throughout organisations, not just ‘at the top’

The Leadership skills course has been invaluable in reshaping my understanding of effective and progressive leadership.

– Anoushka Patel, Undergraduate Engineer, the Dyson Institute

It gave them a really different idea of leadership – to bring people with them rather than a top-down approach…It gave them a confidence with their teams…Many said they had developed knowledge and skills that they will take into their future careers.

Ruth burchell, the dyson institute