Change and continuity are both essential ingredients for growth and evolution. While a natural part of our lives, implementing new approaches in organisations remains some of the hardest work for leaders. Complexity brings unpredictability and successful change embraces this lack of certainty through experimentation and learning.

With UK Sport we created a combination of an e-learning tool and action learning sets to equip senior leaders from the high-performance sporting system to be building direction, experimentation, and participation into their change projects. This work has been built into the formal Project Management system at the heart of delivering their strategic ambitions.

We help by:

  • Delivering change training
  • Building change management into large scale transformations
  • Developing managers to increase engagement in change
  • Coaching key individuals leading transformation

I found the leadership skills course an incredibly rewarding experience, especially the sessions around purposeful leadership and mindset. The method of ‘deliberate practice’ to enforce the learnings from the sessions was really effective, and something I have taken forward into many situations since.” 


[Following the workshops] people said to me, it was the best workshop I’ve ever been to. So I’ve heard some really great stories – because it’s the first time people were truly being engaged. They’re engaged, because they’re being told, ‘we’re not making the decision, you are’. And so there’s a real empowerment that happens across the organisation.” 

– Anton Zawada, Group HR Director. Devro