End of year Team Development Day

We have 3 days availability left before we round off the year, to host teams who want to do things a little differently, perhaps looking for more value or impact. Maybe you’ve never worked through internal reviews/planning with a facilitator. Maybe you have and know the value it can bring, but rarely do it.

It’s paramount that we take time to recognise what we’ve done well, what we can learn from and where we’re headed for the next X amount of time. How do we achieve our full potential, as a team? When do we set expectations and aspirations for the year ahead alongside one another, collaboratively?

We’ve spent our year working with teams from a variety of industries, which we love, so thought what better way to spend our last bit of availability doing a little more.

Key points:

If you like the idea but have something slightly different in mind, lets have a conversation about it! Just get in touch and we’ll see how we can work on your most pressing needs.

where we host

Farleigh House – The Home of Bath Rugby

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